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Set up a PiHole using Docker MacVlan Networks

This blog post will showcase some really neat tricks using Docker's Macvlan networks and linux networking to create a pihole instance that's attached to your local network. »

How to set up Hibernate on Ubuntu 20.04

Learn to set up hibernate on Ubuntu 20.04 using systemd. Details on swap partitions, resume, polkit, and xsecurelock. »

Introduction to Mechanical Keyboards

Welcome to the world of mechanical keyboards! This article demystifies what they are, why they are interesting, and explains the basics of mechanical keyboards. »

What is an Ergodox?

Learn all about the magical world »

Musings on Small Talk

Small talk itself is meaningless, but rather than disregarding it outright, one has to look at the fundamental change it effects. The content of the conversation is immaterial, but the initial time taken for it can be viewed as a negotiation protocol on communication. »