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Musings on Small Talk

Small talk itself is meaningless, but rather than disregarding it outright, one has to look at the fundamental change it effects. The content of the conversation is immaterial, but the initial time taken for it can be viewed as a negotiation protocol on communication. »

Script Your Mouse Buttons to Control the i3 Window Manager

This post is a brief technical guide on how to implement a useful tweak that will allow you to control the i3 window manager with the Evoluent mouse. The principles »

Life after College

I remember as I was preparing to graduate college I was digging around on the internet trying to find some thoughts from people on what life after college looks like. »

What Can You Do With a Personal Server?

There are a myriad of cool hacks and services you can run on a personal server. For the purposes of this article, I'm assuming you are running a Linux server. »

How I Manage My Thoughts

Clarity of Mind Thoughts are flitting across our minds every moment of the day. Some are important, some are completely meaningless. Not all of us are Buddhist monks, so we »