These words are mine, but there are many people behind their creation. This is my opportunity to honor them, and the reader's chance to meet them.

Thank you for your honest insights, and ceaseless dedication to helping me craft my musings into a finely tuned arrow of thought.


If you want to learn about awesome time management skills, be a pro at networking with people, and know a ton of neat tricks about programming, this site is for you.

Most people that I know want three things in life:

  1. More time
  2. More friends (or a better network)
  3. Efficiency in what they do

Short of inventing a time machine, I can't give you more time. What I can do is offer some tips and observations on how I manage my time, and hope that this helps you create a system that works for you. Likewise, I cannot compel people to be your friend or participate in your network, but it is my hope that my thoughts on people relations, society, and proper networking etiquette will help you accomplish your goals. And finally, efficiency. I personally am a computer scientist, so many of my articles will be about various tricks such as shell aliases, utility scripts, and general programming workflow. Even if you aren't into coding, I think some of these tips will inspire you to optimize your life and work as well.

How I learned what I know

I started on the path of personal development back in 2009. After reading countless blogs and books about people skills and time management, I started developing my own system for never missing any events, while also accomplishing as much as is humanly possible in the shortest amount of time.

I also became very interested in the social interplay between friends, co-workers, family, and strangers. Over the years I've honed my technique for networking, composing professional emails, and keeping a conversation engaging.

About the same time I also started delving into computer science, picking up some neat tricks about Linux and bootable USB's, and slowly transitioning into scripting, networking, and creating various utilities to make my life easier. I've continued this trend, and to this day I continue to automate various tasks as much as possible, thus saving me time and allowing better productivity. From configuring my window manager to support different modes to scripting common tasks, I strive to have my computer do as much of the basic work for me as possible, so I can focus on the problems a human mind is needed to solve.

Start Reading!

I hope you're eager to dive in - you might want to start out with one of my most popular posts on this site; How I Manage My Time. If you're more into programming, you'll probably find my post about my Home Automation at CalHacks engaging, as well as my Tips for Technical Interviews. For the students out there, the posts Advice to a College Freshman and Success and Failure should be a nice start. As time goes on, I'll be adding more guides about various topics such as sleep, financial scripting, and how I manage my computer data. Stay tuned!

Some of My Other Interests

  • I really enjoy biking around and finding new places to explore.
  • In my spare time, I like to read on my Kindle. I'm a big fan of Science Fiction and Fantasy, but I also often read technical manuals and learn about new technological creations. I've hacked my kindle to support multiple users, and created several web based libraries of my favorite books.