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Configuring a Personal VPN

I often find myself in the position of wanting to access my computer remotely, be it to grab a file, check the status of a download, or to show off »

How I Manage My Time

Time management is an integral part of all of our lives. Time is one of the few resources that is truly irreplaceable - there is absolutely no way to get »

How to Start Learning to Program

Welcome! I'm glad you have an interest in learning how to code. It's incredibly interesting, and anyone can learn how to do it given enough time and willpower. Why coding »

Tips for Technical Interviews

Preparation and Dress code You need to prepare well for all steps in the process. 1. Research the company. Know the culture, the vital stats (HQ location, CEO name, number »

Advice to a College Freshman

I'd like to share some thoughts on various topics with all the incoming college freshmen. 1. Homework - Contrary to high school, college homework is better done in groups. Find »