I'd like to share some thoughts on various topics with all the incoming college freshmen.

  1. Homework - Contrary to high school, college homework is better done in groups. Find smart people and meet with them at regularly scheduled times. You will all teach each other many things, and often you will learn more in study groups than in class. You will be more focused, and work will be easier. This will save your sanity, sleep, and health.

  2. Friends - College has many more people than high school. There will be people interested in the same things you are, all you have to do is find them. Remember - you become the average of your friends. Choose your friends wisely, They will support you during hardship and celebrate your successes.

  3. Grades - Relax, you made it to college. You are now among people who had the same grades as you back in high school, or maybe even better. You will not be the best student in all of your classes, and you WILL get grades that aren't A+'s. Don't stress - no one will kick you out for a C, or even an F. You are in college to meet people, discover yourself, and choose your path in life. Don't live purely for a nice transcript, because the moment you get a real job, no one will ever care what your GPA was.

  4. Time - You will have both more and less time. You will be the master of your own schedule, and no parents will nag at you to do homework or file paperwork. Use your time wisely, and be sure to plan ahead. If possible, finish homework the day it is assigned, and try to get ahead in classes to have a buffer. In the classes that post homework for the entire course, I'm usually at least 2 weeks ahead of the class at any time, giving me a safety net in case I get sick or forget.

  5. Parties - They are awesome, but all in moderation. Don't be the stupid freshman who takes 12 shots in five minutes. Start slow, and learn your limits. If you feel sketched out, trust your gut and leave - you'll find another place to have fun.