This is a very condensed post about what I created at Cal Hacks. If you want a detailed write up, see here.

In short, I went to CalHacks 2014 and made a home automation project that is controlled via voice commands to a Moto 360. The full path is as follows: Voice Command (Moto 360) -> AutoVoice -> Tasker -> HTTP POST -> Intel Edison -> Wit.Ai -> Intel Edison -> hardware relay -> lamp

Demo video

Flow of the Process


  1. Rooted Android device
  2. xposed, with Google now API (needs to be v1.4), plus AutoVoice and Tasker, installed in that order.
  3. Android Wear device
  4. Intel Edison, with a hardware relay plugged in to port 4.


  1. Clone my repo and upload it to a WiFI enabled Intel Edison
  2. Change to the directory and run npm install; node main.js
  3. Open Tasker, and add a new profile "AutoVoice Recognized Event behaviour: true", and set the configuration to "Event Behaviour" (first tick) and the command filter to the desired trigger word ("jarvis", in my case).
  4. Have this profile trigger a task HTTP POST to a server (put in the edison IP here) and the data be {"phrase" : "%avcommsnofilter()"}. The content type needs to be set to application/json
  5. Speak a custom command to your watch, and watch the server respond and perform an action!